We always have in mind; Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle

We take our responsibility with regard to;

• Environment

• Energy Consumption

• Circular business

• The world around us.

Examples of these categories are;

• Water based Finish products

• The use of raw materials / skins that are regarded as waste, or by product through the meat industry

• Possibility of delivery from Cr Free leather

• Installation of Led lighting

• Insulation of hot water supply to prevent heat loss

• Our own wastewater treatment

• Re-use of treated wastewater instead of discharge

• Use compressed air economically and precisely

• Investigate feasibility of solar panels

• Waste reduction, proper separation of waste and reuse of waste

• Paper packaging instead of plastic packaging

• Bulk packaging instead of small plastic packaging

• Reducing the use of chemicals

• Replacement of environmentally harmful additives

• Member from NVLST

• Member from www.leathernaturally.org

• Education, training, providing information and tours for customers and stakeholders