In addition to our split leather program, we also have a separate department in Buffalo leather.

Buffalo leather is used for many purposes. Such as belts, place mats, coasters, wall decoration and many other things. The buffalo leather is imported from India and comes from the water buffalo. At the moment, the Cuba & Dallas items are standard available from stock. Both articles have a tough and wild appearance, just like the beast itself!

The buffalo is a very characteristics leather. Every animal has their own life characteristics mirrored into the skin. It is also a fact that one buffalo is not the other.

The skins that are used for our products; Cuba and Dallas, are tanned with a vegetable tan, after the grain is manually treated with oils, waxes and anilines to give the leather a rough character. Due to the natural colour and tanning process, all characteristics of the skin remain visible. This is normal because it is the attribute of the leather compound.


Buffalo full-grain leather with a nice pull up in a semi-shine.

Thickness 3.2-3.5 mm and suitable for belts, leathergoods and all kinds of other applications.

Available in the colours; Black, Brandy, Brown, Cognac


Buffalo full-grain leather with vintage look,

Thickness 3.2-3.5mm. Because of the hot wax repellent it is suitable for belts, leathergoods and all intrior appliance like walls and flooring

Available in the colours; Black, Brandy, Brown, Naturel