Lederfabriek Gebr. van Esch is Overgenomen Door Wendel Leather Group - Rijen
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Leather factory Gebr. van Esch has been Taken over by Wendel Leather Group - Rijen

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We are proud producer of split leather, which is a beautiful product

As a company we believe it is important to take the environment into account, for a cleaner, greener and beter future. That’s why we produce split leather in a sustainable way. the family company has been founded 55 years ago. As a family we grew up with leather, and the love for the leather is in our genes. The leather that we produce are versatile, beautiful, durable and are high qaulity made.

This beautiful, traditional and sustainable produced split leather is produced in the Netherlands and worldwide shipped and delivered.

We are easy to find for potential customers that interested in split leater. Our current customers are located in Germany, Belgium, France, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Austria, Bulgaria, Portugal, Romania, Suriname, India and Canada. We are also easy to reach for our customers, so we can provide the best service that is available.

We are a supplier for the following leather processing industries;

-Belt industry

-Bags industry ( Ladies, School Bags, Gentlemen and others )

-Technical leather Industry

-Apron industry

-Shoe and saftey shoe industry

-Clog industry

-Leathergoods industry

Our core values:



-Good pricing that is competitive

-Reliable delivery times

-Delivery of big and small quantities

-Personal approach.


Lederfabriek Gebr.van Esch

is specialized in the production of split leather, we are a producer of;

-Several different finihsed split leathers

-Several suedes

-Split nubuc

-Waterproof split leather

The different thicknesses are available between 1.2-1.4 mm and 3.0-3.5 mm.

Buffalo Leather

In addition to our split leather, we also have a separate department for producing Buffalo leather.

Buffalo leather is used for many different purposes. You can think of products such as belts, place mats, coasters, wall decorations and many others.

Contract work

We can also provide all kind of different Contract Work for our customers. Making finished work on provided leather is no problem for us. Think about;



-Finishing or refinishing



-Making the leater water resistance

The is also the possibility of finishing from full grain leather or lefa. The is no problem for us.